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"I felt alone for a very long time, even when I was around other people."

"I won’t let myself be that dependent again. No matter what I’m searching for."

Lana Lang
12 August
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That's not the secret but I know what is...
At the age of three, Lana Lang lost her parents in Smallville's first meteor shower. From that point on, she was raised by her aunt, Nell Potter, and lived just a mile from the Kent family. She idolized her parents and for years wore a small piece of the meteor around her neck. No matter how popular she was or what was going on around her, she always felt alone or that she fit in at all. She dreamed of leaving Smallville one day for something more.

Not long after Lana quit the cheerleading squad just a few months after starting high school, Lana found her mother's diary from high school. From that diary she learns that her mother hated cheerleading and dreamed of leaving Smallville, just like Lana, a Laura Lang much different than the picture that Nell gave her. From this Lana began to develop a deep disdain for secrets and lies.

For much of high school and a while after, she had an on and off relationship with Clark Kent, but she knew he was hiding something from her. This caused a lot of conflict between the two, as Clark was unwilling to share his secret and Lana was unwilling to accept that he trusted her because of this. Eventually she turned toward Lex Luthor, who seemed much more open and willing to share himself with her. She married Lex, but not willingly. Lana had planned to leave him after witnessing Clark's abilities, but Lionel Luthor threatened to kill Clark if she didn't go through with it. Not long after the wedding and her supposed miscarriage, she discovered that she was never pregnant. Lex injected her with hormones and faked a ultrasound to make her believe that she was.

Later she faked her own death to escape him, among other things, including the kiddnapping of Lionel Luthor and the creation of The ISIS Foundation, a non profit organization founded to provide outreach and support to those people who developed superhuman abilities from exposure to meteor rock. ISIS also served for a time as a base of operations for her constant spying on Lex.

When Lana returned to Smallville, she resumed her relationship with Clark, finally knowing his secret, but slowly began to realize that she was holding him back. She stayed with him for months, trying to hold on to the life with him she desperately longed for, but eventually left Smallville again. After she awoke from a Brainiac induced coma, she left a DVD for him, knowing she wouldn't have the strength to leave if she saw him again.

Seven months later, she returned to Smallville for Chloe's wedding a very changed woman. She was stronger, more sure of herself and able to stand on her own rather than constantly lean on someone else. She has learned that sometimes people have good reasons for keeping secrets and that sometimes it requires them to lie, even to those they love. She maintained that she and Clark had destinies separate from one another and their relationship would not be renewed.

For my own purposes, Lana never stole Lex's Prometheus suit and therefore never gained superpowers. Instead, she destroyed it alongside Tess Mercer.
Everybody dies but not everyone lives...
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Lyrics used in the information headings are from Cross the Line by Superchick.

Disclaimer: I am not Lana Lang or Kristin Kreuk. This journal is for roleplaying and entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

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