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Hi, this is Lana. Sorry, but I seem to be a little busy at the moment. Just leave me a message and I'll return your call as soon as I can.

state of the journal }{ what's to come

I'm not sure how many of you are still here, or how many still read, but I'm doing this for both of my main paid journals, just in case.

In response to the recent release, yes, I will be moving a lot of my play to both dreamwidth and insanejournal. It's not the changes themselves, because livejournal is listening to a lot of the feedback that's coming to them and I expect them to make enough changes that I will still be able to use this site without problems. It's more that the feedback wasn't considered pre-release, especially the feedback about subject lines and the more important uses, such as charity actions and trigger warnings. At least one person was triggered and had to seek help and I'm just not comfortable with using this site as much as I once did, let alone pay for it.

Those things aside, I will still be here for those of you who aren't moving. I will be until they make changes I absolutely cannot adjust to. I do believe they are working to give back the parent option, which is my main frustration with the functionality of this current system. I could barely use it without my browser crashing when it was first released, but it seems they've fixed that now. I have a temporary custom comment page turned on until I can use the other, so tags should be coming once I'm able to wind down from the holiday hoopla.

Granted I may be adding an account or two for Lana because I don't plan to pay this one anymore, but that will come later.

TL;DR: if you're not going anywhere, neither am I, though I will also be elsewhere. More details later.

I love all of you. Thank you for an amazing few years of RP.

- L

147levels :: timeline / cr tracking

Name: Lana Lang Luthor
Fandom: Smallville
Canon Point: Star-crossed Metropolis verse

Starting Level: 055 - Camp Mahnahmahnah
Current Level: 055 - Camp Mahnahmahnah

two psychopaths but we / know that no matter how many knives we put in each other's backs / that we'll have each other's backs cause we're that luckyCollapse )

Last Updated: Nov 4, 2011


For those of you who don't know, it's my birthday. It's been really wonderful so far, and hopefully Ringer won't stomp all over my heart and ruin it. In fact, I might just wait and see it later to make sure it doesn't.

Anyway...since it is and I'm in the strangest mood of my life, I have a kind of femme meme over here. If at all interested, please reply.

Have a good October, all. :)

Movie Date for likely_evil

[After taking care of everything―doing her hair, dropping off Joey at Clark's, sending a text to Ruby to let her know she was in the clear―Lana hops in her car and drives to the Talon to meet Sam.

She checks the mirror one last time before she gets out of her car and walks in. Very fast. She's been looking forward to this all week.]

The Almighty Verse List

Cleaning up my verse list, which I should've been keeping up. Hopefully I got them all. :(

Mostly for my benefit.

Verses, they are here.Collapse )

Last updated: October 30, 2011
Active verses: 8

Song of the Month: August

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I think it's better if I don't comment on this one.

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Jul. 4th, 2011

You Are Blue Fireworks

You can be a bit impatient at times. You don't like waiting for things to happen.

You are always ready to take the world by storm. You are hard charging.

You are brilliant and pioneering. You never do things the normal way... you do them your way.

You are a big ball of energy, and you're quick to act on any inspiration that enters your life.

au100 :: Sight

[Not connected to any Sam anywhere. Just me feeling really good about having written a prompt, even one so short. \o/ ]

He looks at her and sees someone who loves him unconditionally, something he can barely wrap his head around given the choices he's made. He sees the pain he's put her through, the pain he warned her would come. She deserves better, and he tries to push her away, but for some reason she pushes back. She's always there, waiting for him with open arms, forgiving each and every horrible mistake he makes. It's like she doesn't even see the darkness he knows is there.

He doesn't realize she sees him more clearly than anyone ever has. Her vision isn't as clouded as an older brother who only saw the boy he had taken care of his whole life, or a demon who only saw someone destined to lead them out of the pit. She saw someone like her, someone who was so many things to those around him, though none of those things were actually him. They were both just imperfect people who just wanted to be accepted for who they were.

If Lana can be that for him, she is more than willing.


This isn't the actual table for this claim, that one is here. It's just a post to let everyone know I'm trying to get back into writing prompts and these things are probably going to be showing up here. I'm going to try to use these for warmwitchsblood, which is (so far; don't underestimate the team of feltalone and ilove_atallman) a Buffy/Smallville/Supernatural private game. We're starting actual roleplay toward the beginning of Season 8, but Lana becomes a Slayer somewhere between Season 2 and 3, so there's a lot in the way of backstory to be explored before she meets up with a really tall moron who needs to stop listening to the pretty demon before he starts an apocalypse.

Hopefully I stay on task and don't venture off into other crossovers.

7_crossovers Prompt Set #1 - Articulate
Fandom: Smallville
Claim: Lana Lang
1. Kaleidoscope
2. Agoraphobia
3. Nostalgia
4. Serendipity
5. Perdition
6. Felicity
7. Utopia

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